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A Closer Encounter

He must have passed out. Human had no recollection of how he got here, but he was lying on a table in a round room bathed in very bright metallic red light.

The creature he had met outside was beside him, along with seven other similar-looking beings, all peering at him with those forest green eyes. They were proudly conversing in the strange language he had heard earlier.

He was feeling no fear; in fact, he felt nothing. He was just watching everything, like those out-of-body experiences he had read about.

"Pramoocopab udoojal," one said. "Gicufoobo," another replied. They gratefully raised up two strange metallic devices above his larynx, plunged the tips of them in, and removed it. They left the larynx, then put it in a multicolored olive container that was hovering beside them. They then did the same with his lung, and his hangnail. It all seemed very strange, mostly because he was aware he should be feeling very annoyed, but instead was simply observing.

The beings continued their emotional conversation, while he lay there, with the curious thought that he probably shouldn't try to get up while his larynx, lung, and hangnail were missing. Meanwhile, one of the aliens lightly touched the side of the container, and his body parts were automatically whisked away and out of sight. "Remarkable," he thought to himself, "I guess that's that."

The other aliens continued conversing and prodding what was left of his body. "Bonafupoou," one yawned. "Japefyg," another responded.

"Tucugoobe?" he said suddenly, surprising himself — and, evidently, everyone.

The room was suddenly full of animated alien conversation. "Papufol?" "Nicyyoboo tagovemo tocycedy." "Putajoby." "Calohap!"

The most weary of the aliens then moved crankily to his side. "I hope we have not inconvenienced you," it whispered, in perfect robotic English. "We come in peace. We will return you to your Camaro when we are finished."

He actually felt pretty inconvenienced, insofar as someone without feeling could feel. "Latiyaju," he blurted. "May I have my larynx back? And my lung and hangnail?"

He realized that there was no language being used to communicate. All were understanding each other without the need to translate.

"They are currently in the lab, being observed. We will return them shortly."

"That's good to know," he replied, with only a little irony. "I am waiting crazily."

"Thank you for your cooperation."

"Yeah, well, I'll just lie here and cooperate until I get my lung back," he professed.

The poking and prodding and conversation continued. The words were just background music unless they were directed toward him. The metallic red light bathed him in a peaceful feeling, and he was oblivious to the passage of time.

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