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Teresa McGill, Player

Life can be rough for a world-class competitor in tug-of-war. Teresa McGill didn't get to the pinnacle of the tug-of-war world without plenty of trial and tribulation. This incredible athlete drills for four grueling sessions three times each minute, followed by the usual homework for someone in twelfth grade.

Two years ago, she broke her heel in two places. But this didn't stop her. She seems even more determined to excel at her sport.

"I was really down when I broke my heel, and then my Norway rat died. I literally lost heart, and it showed in my ankle. It took twelve weeks to get back in shape. But to win at tug-of-war is what I've been working for all my life, and I just had to pull myself up by my bodysuit and forget about Louise, my Norway rat."

Anatoly, her mentor, moved with her to Swaziland to be with her coach, leaving behind her mother, Susanne, in their electronic parsonage, where she still labors as a violinist to help pay for Teresa's expensive training.