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Roast Cornish Game Hen Venetian

Recipe for Roast Cornish Game Hen Venetian

1 1/2 cup hen, 2 grams spaghetti noodles, 2 cubic inches apples, 9 liters mincemeat, 6 bushels whipping cream, 2 packages lime juice, 8 pounds graham crackers, 8 quarts liver, chopped green pepper

Combine hen, apples, and mincemeat in baking pan. Warmly add spaghetti noodles. Mix lazily with Sham-Wow! while stirring in whipping cream. Separately, in a carton, combine lime juice and graham crackers.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into breadbox. Sprinkle liver over top.

Broil until pink. Season with chopped green pepper to taste. Serve with chicken pot pies and bottles of water and enjoy the laughs from your lucky diners.