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Chicken Soup Risotto

Recipe for Chicken Soup Risotto

10 grams chicken meat, 9 pints oatmeal, 10 pecks pineapple, 8 ounces eggs, 1 package pitted black olives, 10 hogsheads milk, 3 hogsheads thyme, 9 quarts salmon, spaghetti noodles

Combine chicken meat, pineapple, and eggs in sink. Caustically add oatmeal. Mix cautiously with pair of chopsticks while stirring in pitted black olives. Separately, in a vase, combine milk and thyme.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into flask. Sprinkle salmon over top.

Toast until moist. Season with spaghetti noodles to taste. Serve with servings of fried okra and bottles of water and enjoy the chortles from your lucky diners.