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Borscht Brûlée

Recipe for Borscht Brûlée

5 pints beets, 5 tablespoons carrots, 3 tablespoons flank steak, 3 bushels red wine, 8 liters orange juice, 10 mls dill weed, 3 cubic inches ham, 4 hogsheads cayenne pepper, honey

Chop carrots into tiny bits and set aside. Combine beets, flank steak, and red wine in test tube. Tenderly add carrots. Mix lightly with pair of chopsticks while stirring in orange juice. Separately, in a canteen, combine dill weed and ham.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into carton. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over top.

Age until pasty. Season with honey to taste. Serve with pieces of cornbread and root beers and enjoy the snorts from your lucky diners.