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Prune Pudding Risotto

Recipe for Prune pudding Risotto

3 pints prunes, 4 barrels sardines, 10 packages milk, 8 teaspoons liver, 5 hogsheads kidney beans, 9 liters potatoes, 10 1/2 cups mussels, 3 teaspoons sourdough, shortening

Cut sardines into slabs and set aside. Combine prunes, milk, and liver in tub. Craftily add sardines. Mix hungrily with pair of tongs while stirring in kidney beans. Separately, in a canteen, combine potatoes and mussels.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into crate. Sprinkle sourdough over top.

Heat in microwave until gritty. Season with shortening to taste. Serve with pretzels and Mountain Dews and enjoy the woofs from your lucky diners.