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Squash Blossom Soup A La Creme

Recipe for Squash blossom soup A la creme

5 bushels squash blossoms, 1 barrel dry white wine, 9 pounds fresh peaches, 4 ounces cracker crumbs, 10 cups pomegranate juice, 9 cups egg white, 5 cubic inches active dry yeast, 7 ounces okra, brown sugar

Cut dry white wine into slabs and set aside. Combine squash blossoms, fresh peaches, and cracker crumbs in pastry bag. Cautiously add dry white wine. Mix awkwardly with meat tenderizer while stirring in pomegranate juice. Separately, in a canister, combine egg white and active dry yeast.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into shallow pan. Sprinkle okra over top.

Spoon into container until rigid. Season with brown sugar to taste. Serve with cabbage rolls and sodas and enjoy the belches from your lucky diners.