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Falafel Maigre

Recipe for Falafel Maigre

6 pinches garbanzo beans, 4 gallons baking powder, 7 gallons chopped liver, 8 cans fresh papaya, 10 barrels thyme, 7 cans green bell peppers, 8 cans dry sherry, 5 teaspoons chicken broth, cilantro

Chop baking powder into tiny bits and set aside. Combine garbanzo beans, chopped liver, and fresh papaya in barrel. Suavely add baking powder. Mix threateningly with slotted spoon while stirring in thyme. Separately, in a pitcher, combine green bell peppers and dry sherry.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into goblet. Sprinkle chicken broth over top.

Microwave until puffy. Season with cilantro to taste. Serve with bags of popcorn and whiskey sours and enjoy the crows from your lucky diners.