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Beans Brûlée

Recipe for Beans Brûlée

7 cubic inches beans, 10 pecks egg yolks, 9 mls active dry yeast, 8 gallons rice noodles, 4 quarts garlic powder, 2 cubic inches tapioca, 6 ounces habañero peppers, 9 teaspoons peeled carrots, pistachios

Cut egg yolks into slabs and set aside. Combine beans, active dry yeast, and rice noodles in cauldron. Dreamily add egg yolks. Mix grimly with sharp knife while stirring in garlic powder. Separately, in a jug, combine tapioca and habañero peppers.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into mug. Sprinkle peeled carrots over top.

Spread into container until soft. Season with pistachios to taste. Serve with egg salad sandwiches and Sangrías and enjoy the wrinkled noses from your lucky diners.