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Tacos Lorraine

Recipe for Tacos Lorraine

8 cubic inches ground beef, 8 pints whipping cream, 9 handsful cod fillets, 9 teaspoons cream of tomato soup, 4 ounces wide egg noodles, 6 teaspoons parmesan cheese, 9 kilograms shallots, 3 hogsheads pretzels, stuffed green olives

Cut whipping cream into slabs and set aside. Combine ground beef, cod fillets, and cream of tomato soup in decanter. Bitterly add whipping cream. Mix threateningly with cheesecloth while stirring in wide egg noodles. Separately, in a crock, combine parmesan cheese and shallots.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into cookie jar. Sprinkle pretzels over top.

Fry until thick. Season with stuffed green olives to taste. Serve with pieces of candy and glasses of KoolAid and enjoy the gasps from your lucky diners.