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Crumb Cake Foster

Recipe for Crumb Cake Foster

6 pounds flour, 6 teaspoons applesauce, 10 handsful capers, 6 packages cilantro, 10 bushels bacon, 4 liters pork rinds, 1 bushel bean sprouts, 3 packages chopped liver, butter

Chop applesauce into tiny bits and set aside. Combine flour, capers, and cilantro in egg cup. Furiously add applesauce. Mix dubiously with basting brush while stirring in bacon. Separately, in a jug, combine pork rinds and bean sprouts.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into dish. Sprinkle chopped liver over top.

Fry immediately In speckled Skillet until pink. Season with butter to taste. Serve with roast turkeys and tonics and enjoy the grunts from your lucky diners.