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Battle Of The Bands

Dean Franz and the Ornate Boxes Of Kleenex

The Rusty Cream puffs

Potatoes And Gravy

Liling Baldwin and the Bronze Toenails

The Hair Brushes

The Smacks

Gino Escobar and the Bookstore

The Biceps

Edmond Broderick and the Sophisticated Caribous


The Winks

Fifi Freeman and Peanut butter

Probation violation

Casey Tinnerman and the Ridiculous Band-aids

Oscar Tyson and The Pacific Ocean

Pedro Kulpinski and the Cheap Bird feeders


The Colorless Unicorns

Marcy Sorovich and Orange juice

The Wondering Grimaces

Toilet vulture Nestor

The tape recorder

Lianlin Hall and Tree

The Charming Tsetse fly Nation

The Spread of Respectfulness