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Battle Of The Bands

Klaus Sugarbaker and the Gooey Dead chickens

The Cotton Stacks of papers

Lobster Bisque

Christian Alden and the Dusty Feet

The Floppy Disks

The Cheers

Nestor Carson and the Archery Club

The Esophaguses

Pete Apple and the Timid Raccoons

Never Mind

The Wags Of The Finger

Charles Soto and Rice noodles


Hunter Whiteside and the Soft Balls

Monica Lamb and Relativity

Reynaldo Soto and the Spongy Pillows


The Mournful Norway rats

Humphrey Fink and Sauerkraut

The Griping Air kisses

Tramp LaDue


André Wales and Seed Pod

The Polished Meerkat Machine

The Dissolution of Nothingness