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Battle Of The Bands

Joshua Kemp and the Smelly Fish

The Jagged Cameras


Marla Bowe and the Gaudy Paws

The Crackers

The Raised eyebrows

Lonnie Javits and the Wax Museum

The Gall bladders

Bull Ali and the Bad Yetis

Lo And Behold

The Wags Of The Finger

Hendrick Klinger and Onion

Evidence tampering

Alan Giordano and the ivory Church Keys

Maximilian Pope and The Van Allen Belt

Victor Payne and the Modern Bagpipes


The Dismal Ghosts

Beatrice Roe and Oat bran

The Continuing Gurgles

Dullard Devin

The crossbow

Debbie Nesbitt and Weed

The Electronic Gopher Covey

The Inanity of Probity