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The Best Bands

Wes Gagné and the Used Cupcakes

The Gooey Coat Check Tickets

Bread And Butter

Midge Bruno and the Large Collarbones

The Yo-yos

The Beams

Beatrice Chang and the Theater

The Stomachs

Brent Barker and the Perky Nightingales

Puppy Biscuits

The Smacks

Katie Kelly and Bacon Fat


Lauren Tran and the Primitive Pearls

Bernadette Patterson and Deuterium

Nigel Kettle and the Gooey Telephone Books


The Maniacal Snakes

Mindy Tiller and Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese

The Demanding Bows

Drunken Royster Latrina

The Calculator

Sylvia Gotti and Weed