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The Best Bands

Danny Pattel and the Fabulous Photographs

The Ridiculous Flyswatters

Catfish Stew

Dean Bertrand and the Hefty Tummies

The Canes

The Smacks

Marla Lincoln and the Orchestra Concert

The Stomachs

Annabelle Ward and the Melancholic Boa constrictors


The Cackles

Tonya Woodruff and Parsley

Minor in possession

Melkadas Benson and the Fuzzy Campaign Signs

Preston Tannenbaum and The Fountain Of Youth

Geoffrey Countryman and the Rancid Bottles of perfume


The Disgusting Rhinoceroses

Ole Flake and Prime rib

The Insisting Sniffs

Troublemaker Chris

The Etch-a-Sketch

Kurt Northrum and Maple Tree