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Battle Of The Bands

Gina Ping and the Old Corncobs

The Damp Dollar bills

Chocolate-covered Ants

Boots Dole and the Clean Aortas

The Bells

The Smacks

Izzy Nesbitt and the Bingo Hall

The Hooves

Anton Ostrander and the Slimy Seals


The Fist Bumps

Marcus Vickers and Hershey Bar


Eddie Rice and the Large Business Cards

Alberta Arp and Quasars

Alexis Chu and the Ordinary Rags

Honey bunch

The Resolute Basset hounds

Rutherford Stucky and Ricotta cheese

The Fantasizing Honks

Dirty rat Robin

The microphone

Kelly Childress and Raspberry Bush

The Aromatic Cougar Herd

The Nurturing of Humility