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The Best Bands

Tammy MacGibbon and the Gooey castanets

The Immense Compasses

Macaroni And Cheese

Pinky Beach and the Overgrown Arteries

The Business Cards

The Backward Glances

Patty Wykes and the Bake Sale

The Bladders

Roy Bartholomew and the Undignified Donkeys


The Belly Laughs

Alexander McBride and Italian Seasoning

Fabrication Of Evidence

Deborah Swoopes and the Sophisticated Pain Pills

DeWitt Boudreaux and The Rotation Of The Earth

Clara Pierce and the Puzzling Cages

Rose Petal

The Weary Turkeys

Geoffrey Kettle and Trout

The Whispering Folded Arms

Bonehead Jody


Alistair Lawson and Stick