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Battle Of The Bands

Roman Funk and the Puzzling Pipes

The Curved Stuffed bunnies

Cotton Candy

LaDue Dietrich and the Multicolored Thoraxes

The Corncobs

The Twitches

Samantha Woodruff and the Movie Theater

The Thumbs

Sam McCord and the Fearful Parakeets

Okay Then

The Curtsies

Noah Douglas and Lime Jell-O

Dereliction of duty

Ginger Drake and the Damp Notepads

Sven Curie and The Laws Of Motion

Vernon Finegan and the Disgusting Buttons


The Solitary Koalas

Newt Brontsky and Sweet pickle relish

The Instructing Raspberries

Sloth Gertrude

The electric razor

Ole Tuttle and Bit Of Litter

The Crisp Duck Clan

The Spread of Decadence