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Battle Of The Bands

Agnes Brooks and the Stuffed Corncobs

The Excellent Rolls of duct tape

Scrambled Eggs

Spud Garston and the Ridged Belly buttons

The Cowbells

The Belly laughs

Hugh Valentine and the Shopping Mall

The Necks

Deborah Law and the Brave Gophers

Be Still, My Beating Heart

The Shrugs

Clio Tubman and Egg white


Delores Seymour and the Hefty Cans Of Sardines

Willard Strait and Schools Of Cod

Hagit Gagné and the Hefty Tickets

Heart of hearts

The Cowardly Baboons

Milo Northrum and Dry sherry

The Exclaiming Dope slaps

Dingbat Irving

The telephone

Freddie DeGraff and Spring

The Mechanical Porcupine Team

The Origin of Patience