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Battle Of The Bands

Madelyn Papadopoulos and the Crusty Bottles

The Petite Sticks

Chicken Chow Mein

Bella Irvin and the Colossal Toupees

The Tubes Of Toothpaste

The Winks

Liling Marino and the Car Show

The Skulls

Adrian Owens and the Mean Prairie dogs

That's Crazy Talk

The Furrowed Brows

Lorna Rice and Tomato sauce


Jackie Sanders and the Cotton Sea Shells

Horsie Downer and The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

Madelyn Chu and the Sophisticated Flowerpots


The Sarcastic Rats

Carina Brown and Sweetened condensed milk

The Babbling Sniffles

She-wolf Mirabel

The laser

Joanie Brandon and Piece Of Driftwood

The Ancient Mustang Nation

The Origin of Endurance