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Battle Of The Bands

Elliott Brookshire and the Rancid Canes

The Golden Pots

Corn On The Cob

Maybie Barberry and the Magnificent Front teeth

The Fire Hoses

The Grimaces

Meg Ashe and the Restaurant

The Toupees

Shamus Brontsky and the Absent-minded Horses


The Grunts

Simeon Dalton and Vanilla

Fabrication of evidence

Camella Baird and the Modern Bibles

Godiva Provenzano and The Rings Of Saturn

Pamela Martin and the Sophisticated Blankets


The Charming Mustangs

Mary Lou Sarma and Turmeric

The Grunting Beams

Prattling gabbler Gladys

The pressure cooker

Jordan Drake and Weed

The Curved Chicken Assembly

The Banality of Chivalry