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Battle Of The Bands

Thad Greybottom and the Crooked Pizzas

The Wet Flowerpots


Agnes Spencer and the Dusty Palms

The Cream Puffs

The Cackles

Ava Lewis and the Blues Club

The Fingers

William Nye and the Fashionable Oysters

Bada Bing Bada Boom

The Sniggers

Ichabod Delgado and Sweet pickles


Magdalena Ecklund and the Hand-made Washrags

Ollie Bonner and The Atom

Ivan Wells and the Hideous Toolboxes


The Annoying Ladybugs

Marion White and Potato chips

The Inviting Curtsies

Moonie Beatrice

The perpetual motion machine

Morgan Jones and Bird's Nest

The Ruined Yeti Personnel

The Growth of Enchantment