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Battle Of The Bands

Muerto Ross and the Dirty Spools Of Thread

The Imported Washrags

Beef Bouillon

Azalea Wilhelm and the Bronze Hair

The Dolls

The Roars

Audrey Maxwell and the Theater

The Skulls

Morton McGee and the Loving Dachshunds


The Curtsies

Meghan South and Cod fillets


Doc Kaplan and the Imported Floppy Disks

Velma Xing and The Uncertainty Principle

Rich Schibbel and the Damp Artificial flowers

Little chickadee

The Enraged Prairie dogs

Elsie Campbell and Sweetened condensed milk

The Sneering Cheers

Rogue Wendy

Corn flakes

Madalyn Cantada and Raspberry Bush

The Spongy Walrus Coalition

The Fall of Probity