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Battle Of The Bands

Elena Bentzinger and the Hollow Rolls Of Toilet Paper

The Soft Pickles

Chicken Pot Pie

Plato Holiday and the New Skulls

The Tubes Of Toothpaste

The Furrowed brows

Norma Jean Finley and the Shopping Mall

The Feet

Delores Shackleton and the Smart Turtles

Suffering Sassafras

The Roars

Velma Bowe and Dry sherry

Aiding and abetting

Rose Lyman and the Small Cupcakes

Antonia Miles and The Electron

Grace Palin and the Porcelain Apples


The Young Finches

Draco Jones and Onion

The Pronouncing Sniffs

Poopyhead Sydney


Reynaldo Slade and Dead Tree

The Stolen Hamster Cabal

The Fall of Ignorance