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The Best Bands

Marion Steinbeck and the Worn Paper Clips

The Electric Ping-pong Paddles


Robert Ruiz and the Hand-made Toenails

The Calculators

The Honks

Elvira Kilroy and the Amusement Park

The Abdomens

Patty Whitney and the Ambitious Whales

Big Deal

The Air Kisses

Rachel Mainz and Cod Fillets


Claudette Yang and the Original Frisbees

Dani Schmuckley and The Electron

Bubbles Yamaguchi and the Colossal Toothbrushes


The Obedient Cocker Spaniels

Ira Eastwood and Tofu

The Questioning Kisses

Lamebrain Bettie Lou


Cliff Armstrong and Bit Of Litter