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At The Antique Store

He knew something was wrong the moment he walked in the door and saw the china hutch turned over and a couple of rocks on the floor. Did the Springer goons already get here ahead of him? No one was in the room, but he heard a screech of tires on the street behind him. He stuck his head out the door in time to see the tail end of an Audi lurching around the corner.

He sailed ferociously back into the shop, looking for Celia and trying to wrap his head around what he was seeing and what Pleasance had told him just an hour ago. At the back of the room, next to the hope chest, a door stood ajar. He trustingly pushed on the door and peered into the darkness. All he could see were shadows that resembled a large chameleon with a ticket.

He strolled into the dark room, cursing himself as he did so. "Fantastic, I know better than to even be here," he said to himself grudgingly. That was his last thought before he felt a campaign sign hit him on the Achilles tendon and everything went black.

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