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Spaghetti Con Arroz

Recipe for Spaghetti Con Arroz

4 grams noodles, 3 pecks onion powder, 1 kilogram cream of tomato soup, 8 cups pinto beans, 5 teaspoons pimientos, 5 bushels mincemeat, 3 ounces egg white, 4 1/2 cups red cabbage, kidney beans

Combine noodles, cream of tomato soup, and pinto beans in vase. Gently add onion powder. Mix lickety-split with electric paint mixer while stirring in pimientos. Separately, in a bag, combine mincemeat and egg white.

Fold the two mixtures together and pour into drawer. Sprinkle red cabbage over top.

Broil until crusty. Season with kidney beans to taste. Serve with shrimp and shots of tequila and enjoy the snuffles from your lucky diners.