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The Best Bands

Ron Swoopes and the Fresh Hot Potatoes

The Worn Paintbrushes

Roast Cornish Game Hen

Lucky Salazar and the Ordinary Pancreases

The Feather Dusters

The Furrowed Brows

Pinky Osterman and the Bridge Club

The Chins

Kaylee Eichmann and the Thoughtful Bison

If Only

The Belches

Christian Garvey and Fava Beans

Aggravated Assault

Dusty Norris and the Clean Doll Houses

Hallie Flake and Pluto

Garth Sitzman and the Gleaming Pearls


The Distressed Gnus

Harley Snigglefritz and Marshmallows

The Blurting Smiles

Tattletale Daniel

The Thermometer

Alex Bransen and Bird's Nest