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The Best Bands

Olive Day and the Heavy Pencil Sharpeners

The Mysterious Candles

Pie A La Mode

Clarabell Elwood and the Burned Ears

The Candy Canes

The Grimaces

Cecil Schreiber and the Puppet Show

The Appendixes

Gabe Kaplan and the Gargantuan Koalas

Bless Your Heart

The Shrugs

Anthony Emery and Apple Slices


Alissa Marx and the Greasy Stuffed Owls

Ella O'Brien and Jet Propulsion

LaVerne Crawford and the Polished Saddles

Knight In Shining Armor

The Depraved Cobras

Kitten Shackleton and Mozzarella Cheese

The Rumoring Smirks

Goose Perry

The Tape Recorder

Page Hogan and Fern