A Ride on the MoPac

6 September 2004

We started at Platte River State Park. We drove out there, and Sallie drove the car back home.
Platte River Bridge

The Platte River Bridge is one of the nicest bicycle/pedestrian-only bridges in the country.

This was Wanda's first real ride on her new bike.
Wanda and William

Wanda and "William"

Some travel on county roads is required.
In the driver's seat

Down the road.

Wanda found the "little girls' room."
Little girls' room

No doubt we're in Nebraska.

Each of us had a flat tire.
Larry fixes a flat

Larry fixes a flat.

The MoPac trail.
The MoPac Trail

Wanda cruises down the trail.

The town of Elmwood, home of Bess Streeter Aldrich.
Elmwood Mural

A mural in Elmwood. More about Bess Streeter Aldrich

There's a band in town.
The band.

The band of the G.A.R.?

We stopped for lunch in Elmwood.
Larry fixes a flat

Wanda's recumbent bicycle.

Eagle is another town on the way.
Eagle water tower

Look out below!

Beautiful Nebraska.

Nebraska. The entire ride from Platte River to our doorstep was about 37 miles.

There are many more photos from this trip, in slide show format or as a simple list.

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