Sallie Wins Writing Contest

In March of 2006 we learned that Sallie was the Nebraska winner of a contest, "Letters About Literature," sponsored by the Library of Congress, the Nebraska Center for the Book, Target Stores, and the Nebraska Library Commission.

We parents didn't even know that she had entered the contest, and we had never seen her entry, but we were told that we would be meeting Governor Heineman in a presentation ceremony.

Our invitation was just a sort of off-hand verbal "by the way" from Sallie. So, we showed up at the appointed time and place.

The agenda actually had three parts, in three places: The proclamation by the Governor, in the Capitol; lunch and awards, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Center for the Book, at the Cornhusker Marriot; and the signing and acceptance of the letters into the Heritage Room of Bennett Martin Public Library.

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