Tour de Lincoln

Tour de Lincoln

After I saw the first couple of bicycle art objects when they were placed around Lincoln, I found myself bicycling to every piece I could find, so that I could see it and add it to my photographic collection. Some might say it was an obsession.

I imagine the organizers of the project had in mind something like aesthetic enrichment for the community, but they might not have considered cardio-vascular conditioning as one of its benefits. It has been both for me!

The bikes are even cuter/more interesting/more beautiful up close, so I tried to photograph some of the parts you won't see as you're driving by.

There are a whole bunch of photos below. Don't infer anything by the number of pictures of any particular bike. Circumstance as much as anything dictated how many pictures were taken. And, a lack of my comments doesn't mean I don't like the bike; perhaps it speaks for itself. The artists have made comments of their own, by the way. You can read them at

You can see my daughter in a few of the photos. Although my other family members weren't afflicted (blessed?) by the obsession that I had, they also have enjoyed them quite a bit.

You can also see my faithful companion, Schwinn, in some of the photos.

I'm a bit sad that the bikes are being removed now. The summer seemed too short. The bikes will be gathered together for a public auction, which is to be held October 3. I'm hoping many of them will be put back on display by their buyers.

My thanks to the artists, to and the project organizers, and to the sponsors for adding a little joy to my summer, and for helping to make Lincoln the special city that it is! Oh, and thanks, Lincoln, for the trails system!

Click on the small image to open a special, larger image window. Then click on the forward or back arrows to see other pictures of each bike.

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popcycle 1. Popcycle, by James E. Mowitz

assembly 2. Some Assembly Required, by James E. Mowitz
I love the tools/spokes.

aire 3. Tour d’Aire, by Susan J. Brasch
Take a look at the ground from high above.

grecian 4. Grecian Bicycle Mythology, by Greg Holdren
Alpha and Omega.

balance 5. Balancing the Books, by Judith R. Cherry
Interesting selection of authors!

cyclelution 6. Cycle/Lution, by Scott R. Johnson

colorwheel 7. Color Wheel, by Joyful Stoves

monument 8. Cycle Monument, by Joe M. Ruffo
A friend of mine once proudly wore a hat that had bird droppings printed on it.

starsnstripes 9. Stars and Stripes, by Mindy S. Burton
I like the colors.

diurnal 10. 24 Hrs Diurnal Time (US 20 Nebraska)

butterfly 11. Butterfly = Pollinating Vehicle, by Gabrielle Moscu
This one takes a bit of study-lots of information here.

crushing 12. Crushing, by Shannon J. Hansen
Situated by the Department of Roads.

flatman 13. Flat Man Bicycle Band, by Zane and Ethan Parks
One of my favorites. I'm partial to musical themes.

rose 14. Rose Pedal, by Jane E. Stricker
Covered by ceramic roses. This was a victim of vandalism, and had to be re-done. School children helped to re-create the roses.

lifecycles 15. Life Cycles, by Sue Gardner Fenster

bikeasaurus 16. Bike-a-Saurus, by Marty and Stella Montgomery
You can just tell, this is a friendly Bike-a-Saurus.

t-rail 17. (T)rail Rider, by Michele J. Tilley & Brad Wilson
On the Mo-Pac.

turbo 18. Turbo Boost, Deon Bahr
I consider the road to the airport somewhat bike-hostile. This is one of only two to which I drove instead of bicycled.

cruisin 19. Crusin, by Mary M. Kolar
Another of my favorites.

dairydream 20. Dairy Dreamcycle, by Gina A. Egenberger

reflections 21. Reflections, by Gina A. Egenberger
Very pretty. The pictures don't do it justice.

metalpedal 22. Put the Metal to the Pedal, by Pamela S. Joutras
I once made a chess set using squares of dissimilar metals. This reminds me of it.

prairiedog 23. Prairie Dog Road Trip, by Kendrik, Helms , Helms & Raddatz
How cute are these little guys! I had to drive to this one, unfortunately.

nohands 24. Look Ma, No Hands, by Kendrik, Helms, Helms & Raddatz

aroundtown 25. Around Town, by Karen Story & Judy Stanczyk
I think this is the prettiest one. Very Lincoln.

centsable 26. Cents-able Cycle, by Karen Story & Judy Stanczyk

nonet 27. No Net, by Troy Guern
His arms sway for balance! Be sure to look at the miniatures.

schwinns4fins 28. Scwinns for Fins, by Troy Guern

tourdeforce 29. Tour de Force, by Gregory J. Laakso
This guy's my buddy. I see him every day. He's friendly, kind of like C-3PO of Star Wars. Sometimes he's riding. Sometimes he's riding backwards.

prairiepetalpusher 30. Prairie Petal Pusher, by Sharon Ohmberger

vibes 31. Vibes, by Dika Eckersley

sky 32. Sky is the Limit, by Dika Eckersley

inyellow 33. I Saw the Figure 1 in Yellow, by Leslie Bruning
Lance has made a big impact.

rideofpassage 34. Ride of Passage, by Liz Shea-McCoy

celebration 35. A Cycle Celebration, by Liz Shea-McCoy

evolution1 36. On the Trail of Evolution, by Liz Shea-McCoy
Liz's works are joyful!

mosaic 37. Mosaicycle, by Colleen K. Hake

saltdog 38. The Original Saltdog, by Todd R. Miller

tourdelance 39. Tour de Lance, by Todd R. Miller
Someone had chalked, "Lance - GO" on the sidewalk beside him.

mountainpeaks 40. Mountain Bike, by Todd R. Miller

summertime 41. In the Good Ol’ Summertime, by Todd R. Miller

gosomewhere 42. Go Somewhere, by Todd R. Miller
So many of these have a family theme. Reflects something about Lincoln, I'd say.

hittingtrails 43. Hitting the Trails, by Sharon Lacy Cech

view 44. View From Two Wheels, by Jamie R. Burmeister
You can miss the point of this if you don't see it from the right angle.

asone 45. As One, by Jamie R. Burmeister

woohoo 46. WOOHOO!, by Trudy A. Swanson

mountainbike 47. Mountain Bike, by Max D. Reis Jr.

worldtraveler 48. World Traveler, by Matthew Kutscher

blastfromthepast 49. A Blast from the Past, by Beth R. Turner
Again, a photo doesn't do justice to the fine metalwork.

rustytrail 50. Rusty Trail, by Sinclair Hille Architects

bottlecapbike 51. Bottle Cap Bike, by Natalie Parker
A lot of school children had a part in this.

tibetanmountainbike 52. Tibetan Mountain Bike, by Natalie Parker
This makes three that used the mountain bike theme, in very different ways.

look 53. Look, by Jeri Brainard

adventure 54. Looking for Adventure, by Jeri Brainard
Near the Harley shop.

restarea 55. Rest Area, by Danny R. Moore
It took a while to realize that the original bike pattern became the shadow of this tubular bike.

webike 56. Webike / KLKN, by James Cook and Benjamin Vu
This is in the mall. Be sure you look at all seven photos!

marbles 57. Marbel-ous, by Deb and Micaela Kubik
I've always liked marbles, too.

winged 58. Winged, by Will Rennick

309and1 59. #30 9 and 1, by Ben D. Brunick
Beautiful woodwork. See the artist's explanation of the title at the ArtScene website.

zen 60. The Art of Zen Cycle Maintenance, by Margaret R. Berry
This even had a little wind chime at first. I raked the sand, and one time stopped to fix the chain on my bike at this spot.

onaroll 61. On a Roll, by Katy L. Dornbos

oops 62. Oops!!, by Robert R. Lamberson
Sallie's comforting the guy.

familyaffair 63. A Family Affair, by Mary J. Lamberson

sunmoon 64. Good Morning Sun, Good Night Moon

fortunes 65. A Bicycle Built for Tunes, by Corby L. Renard
You know my feelings about the musical bikes.

kaleidospokes 66. Kaleidospokes, by Douglas B. Daharsh
Spin the wheels!

chalktalk 67. Sidewalk Chalk Talk, by Douglas B. Daharsh
Use the shift levers to make your own designs with chalk. The ultimate in participatory art.

isisinmotion 68. Isis in Motion, by William Schaffer

pedalpower 69. Pedal Power, by Lisa A. Lockman

summerlessons 70. Summer Lessons, by Catharine S. Honeyman & Richard P. Imig

pedalmetone 71. Pedal Me to NE, by Clarisse Hastie
A happy cat.

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